Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Chase Fire operates in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and all our engineers are certified through the BAFE Technicians Training Scheme. We are Proud to be members of the Independant Fire Engineering and Distrobutors Association (IFEDA), whitch required that we:

  • Have Procedures for quality managment
  • Train all service personnel correctly
  • are regually and independatly audited – the company as a whole and individule technitians.
  • Have a complaints procedure.

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Systems

Chase Fire has teams of qualified electrical engineers to service alarm and lighting systems as required under BS 5839 pt1, 2013 (for commercial installations), BS 5839 pt6, 2013 (for domestic installtions and BS5266 pt1, 2011 (for emergency lighting). We also work to the BAFE SP203 scheme for fire systems.

Dry Riser, Sprinklers and Suppression Systems

Chase fire also offers servicing for Dry Riser Systems and a wide range of suppression systems. Bristish Standard BS5306 recomends that all sprinkler and dry riser installations be are visually inspected every 6 months and hyrolically pressure tested once a year. We offer a full testing service using our own qualified engeneers are fire engine. Upon satisfactory completion of a test, we will isues a certificate of conformity together with a detailed copy of the test report.

All Suppresion system servicing is carried out by qualified engineers on a regualr basis as required by british standards BS 5839, BS5306, BS15001, BS 6266, and BS 7266, NEPA, ISO, AND FM guidlines are followed for servicing where the british standards are not applicable.

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